Artistic Influences

While growing up, I’ve always been surrounded by art. Both my parents are artists so naturally I became interested in that area. My parents were the ones who introduced the beauty of art to me. I started to follow their footsteps in both the art industry and through education. My mother majored in fine arts while my father had the hobby of making pottery. They are the reason why I became interested in art and decided to pursue it as my career.

Hayao Miyazaki is one of Japan’s most famous and successful animation directors. He created my favorite movie, “My Neighbor Tororo”. This also was my mother’s favorite children’s animation so she bought a video tape of the movie to show me when I was around 3. Ever since then, I’ve watched the movie and never got tired of it. He got me to get into animation. His films always had a moral lesson to them, even though they weren’t obvious. For some reason, I seemed to understand those morals and they’ve always taught me how I should live. Not only did he allow me to see the creativity exposed in animation, he showed that art can be used to express lots of things.

Bansky is a graffiti artist, political activist, and film director. His graffiti is mainly based on political satire and he shows his views in many different ways. He’s a very influential artist who makes you stop and think about his art in depth. He can take ordinary and make something out of it. While I was growing up and hitting my adolescent stage, I started to get a bit “rebellious” in a way. I felt so uncomfortable because I couldn’t express my personality through my art like Mr. Miyazaki did. I started to research things like graffiti because I thought it was cool and something that was meaningless yet fun. I then found out about Bansky and knew I found a way. Not all graffiti was meaningless and it could actually be considered as art. I would sometimes take my mother’s supply of spray paint from her art studio and paint on pieces of cardboard. It allowed me to see a different, more urban side of art.


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